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2020-02-18 01:28

The unduly high number of dance clubs in Bangalore is a clear indication of the citys vibrant nightlife. While a lot of these pubs have dedicated dance floors, some of them dont. Yet, all it takes is one or two people getting into dance mode to pull the rest of the crowd in.OXYGEN DANZ A class apart for dance in Bangalore. FEEL the rhythm of some of the most popular and unique Bollywood and Western dance forms pulsating through the veins of Bangalores premier choreographers. Be it a corporate do, sangeet sandhya (weddings), training or fitness we have the right aesthetics in place to fit your dancing shoes. oxygen dance bar bangalore

Nov 23, 2010 The bar girls were made to dance under the guise of live band performances. The crackdown on bar girls in Mumbai had made several women seek employment in Bangalore bars. However, though bars and pubs that employ these women claim that they were provided security, instances of girls being kidnapped by rowdy elements were also reported.

Bengaluru: Do citys dance bars buy girls? Woman who escaped being sold to one such bar recounts her experience. Activists say such instances are on rise in city, with lax monitoring Apr 12, 2017 Bangalore Night Club And Dance Bar bangalore dance bar full hd 2017.oxygen dance bar bangalore

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