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2020-02-18 00:12

The shape of politics and discourse in this country is in a sorry state. We at the Australian Democrats believe that the country is desperate for a rational, compassionate and balanced voice in the parliament.How can the answer be improved? australian democrats party

Australian Democrats. 1, 881 likes 193 talking about this. The Australian Democrats is a political party registered with the Australian Electoral

Aug 28, 2006 Australian Democrats, leftofcentre political party founded in 1977 and supported by those dissatisfied with the major Australian parties, the Liberals on the right and the Australian Labor Party on the left. Its support is strongest among professionals and the intelligentsia. Liberal Democrats, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 89K likes. The official page of the Liberal Democratic Party. Authorised by Kirsty O'Sullivan,australian democrats party The Australian Democrats were deregistered as a party in 2015 Members are attempting to have the party registered again ahead of the federal election A group of Queenslanders claims the party's

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On the retirement of the Partys leader, Don Chipp, in 1986, Janine Haines was elected by the party members as Leader, the first woman in Australias history to lead a political party. In the 1990 Federal Election, the Australian Democrats campaigned more strongly then ever for House of australian democrats party

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