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2020-04-01 19:31

At the election rerun, the seat originally won on recount by the Australian Sports Party was won by Palmer United Party.This is a list of electoral division results for the Australian 2013 federal election in the state of Victoria. australian greens election results 2013

This is the official 2013 election platform of the Australian Greens. The Greens leader at the election was Senator Christine Milne. . The PDF shown below can be expanded and downloaded.

Australian federal election, 2013. The centreright LiberalNational Coalition opposition led by then Opposition leader Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia and Coalition partner the National Party of Australia, led by Warren Truss, defeated the incumbent centreleft Labor Party government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd by a 17seat 3. 6 Jun 27, 2019  Tally Room The Official Election Results. 'leading' is used when more than 5. 00 of the two candidate preferred (TCP) count has been conducted and the candidate isaustralian greens election results 2013 Sep 07, 2013 Elections 2013: your reaction to the results. It's a resounding Coalition win, leaving Labor facing a heavy defeat. The latest counts are still unfolding, but currently standing at 47. 32 for the Australian Labor Party and 52. 68 for the Coalition. From Guardian Australia's political editor Lenore Taylor: The nationwide swing

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ABC's election site featuring live results, Antony Green's guide, indepth policy explainers, latest election news, candidates, electorate information and more. # AusVotes australian greens election results 2013 Australian Federal Election 2019 is upon us. Who will win the Australian election and form the next government in Canberra? The last three years have been rocky for the LiberalNational Coalition, reminiscent of the dying days of the Labor government in 2013. Results of the Australian federal election, 2013 (Western Australia) Percentage 58. 28 41. 72 Swing 1. 87 1. 87 This is a list of electoral division results for the Australian 2013 federal election in the state of Western Australia. The 2013 federal election saw a blow to progressive politics in Australia, with the election of Tony Abbott's Coalition government. Despite many wins in the previous minoriity government, the instability and infighting from the Labor party and a strong scare campaign from the right saw a national swing against the Greens. The Greens' vote declined significantly at the 2013 Federal election. Doug Evans looks at whether this signifies the beginning of the end or just the end of the beginning? The spirit of The Greens: past leader Bob Brown, present leader Senator Christine Milne

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