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2020-02-18 01:34

Water is life, but sadly more than a billion people globally do not have access to safe water. Lack of safe water results in untold suffering, diseases, infant mortality, stunted growth and economic loss. Waterlife aims to address this most critical need of providing access to safe water with aWelcome to Water India Water Expo. The most exclusive trade show on indian water industry as most cost effective marketing platform for key players the water india's water expo ensures that you reach target customers. manufacturers specializing in water treatment, waste water management and other related industries can show case and exhibit products and expertise. water life india bangalore

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Waters India Pvt Ltd No 36A, 2nd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore 560 058 Ph Fax Email: Jul 15, 2017 Waterlife India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Service Provider, Supplier, Trading Company of Domestic Water Treatment Plants& Industrial Water Treatment Plants, WTP, STP& ETP from Bengaluru, Karnataka, Indiawater life india bangalore Having stayed in Bangalore for nearly 5 years, I guess I am qualified to speak about it to some extent. Bangalore is a city that grows on you. Like every city, there are some positives and negatives to this city. I've always believed that whether

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Waterlife Handpump attached DeFluoridation System for Drinking Water 1 Waterlife Handpump attached DeFluoridation System for Drinking Water 2 The Hard Facts Out of a list of 122 countries rated on the quality of potable water, India stands second last at 120 water life india bangalore Waterlife builds and runs water purification plants to provide safe affordable drinking water to people living at the base of the pyramid in rural India. Waterlife builds and runs water purification plants in underserved areas of rural and urban India that otherwise have no access to safe drinking water. The need of the hour therefore is clean drinking water which is affordable to all and builds in long term sustainability and this is where Waterlife steps in with a solution having multiple effects. We provide: Solutions that provide Safe pure water meeting WHO guidelines and IS standards

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