Brazilian grey green roof slate

2020-02-26 13:54

Origin: Westland is a Brazilian slate quarried from the Minas Gerais area of Brazil. Colour: Grey Green Texture and Appearance: A flat surface with a light texture and heavy dressed edges. Quality: ISS provide Westland slate in a prime quality having been through the most stringent selection process, whilst also being tested to the current British and European requirements.Brazilian Roof Slate is one of a kind. With naturally occurring colour variations, smooth grains, consistent thicknesses and a flat surface, its easy to see why Brazilian roof slate is quickly becoming the slaters most economically viable option for roofing slates. Available in GreyGreen and Graphite with a 30 year guarantee! brazilian grey green roof slate

The only difference between the Brazilian grey green and the Brazilian graphite slate is the colour. All of our Brazilian slate comes from Papagaios quarry in Paraopeda Valley which, as the names suggests, is in Brazil. They provide only the highest quality tiles. It is often a very cost effective way to tile a roof and gives a great finish.

H igh quality greygreen slate, with a flat surface and pleasing grey shade variations. Can be relied upon to create an attractive and long lasting roof or floor. Has virtually no unstable minerals such as pyrites, graphite, carbon and unoxidised irons and will withstand the most severe weather conditions. Brazilian natural slate is available in GreyGreen and Graphite with the slight variations of shade giving an attractive, traditional overall finish. Created from natural sedimentary stone with fantastic consistency, Brazilian natural slate is still continuously tested to ensure that it meets BS EN for roofing slate.brazilian grey green roof slate 0. 70VAT. GreyGreen Brazilian roof slate is one of a kind. Naturally uniform, hand fettled edges and naturally split, the Brazilian GreyGreen are a fantastic choice for

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Back in stock at Buy Roof Slate due to popular demand, the Brazilian GreyGreen slate (2010) and Brazilian Graphite slate (2010) are uniform in thickness, consistent in colour and unrivalled in price. brazilian grey green roof slate Increasingly, customers want more than simply a weatherproof roof for their property. Grey slate roof tile provides reliable protection from the elements as well as being wellknown for longevity. In addition, grey slate roof tiles or Brazilian roofing slate is also an ecologically responsible roofing material.

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