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Cathedral Geodes Brazil. Arguably the largest amethyst deposits on Earth are found in Rio Grande do Sul province in extreme southern Brazil. In this area, numerous mines produce large quantities of amethyst geodes that range in size from a few inches up to tens of feet in height. The amethyst encountered can be very pale purpleAMETHYST MINING IN BRAZIL By David Stanley Epstein Brazil is currently the leader in overall production of amethyst. This article de scribes the author's visits to three of Bra zil most important mining areas: Mar abd, Pan dArco, and Rio Grande do Sul. Each represents a different geologic envi ronment and, therefore, a variety of min amethyst mines brazil

Sep 02, 2010 journey through precious stone ametyst production sites in the amazon state of Para. tours around the underground. mineral exploration in active mines in brazil.

Amethyst Mining in Brazil. This article describes the author's visits to three of Brazils most important mining areas: Marab, Pau dArco, and Rio Grande do Sul. Each represents a different geologic environment and, therefore, a variety of mining methods are used. In Marab and Rio Grande do Sul, much of the amethyst is heat treated to become citrine. Fantasia Materials: 5 lbs Amethyst Premium Grade Rough from Brazil (Select from 3 Grades) Raw Natural Crystals for Cabbing, Cutting, Lapidary, Polishing, Wire Wrapping, Wicca& Reiki Healing 4. 8 out ofamethyst mines brazil Ametista do Sul (So Gabriel), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The amethyst is mined from a flat laying layer basalt that is rich in amethyst and the mining method is simply to punch tunnels into the basalt parallel to each other and mine out the amethyst geodes that are encountered in the mining process. .

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