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The International Rules Series is a senior men's international rules football competition between the Australia international rules football team (selected by the Australian Football League) and the Ireland international rules football team (selected by the Gaelic Athletic Association). The series is played close to annually in October or November after the completion of the AFL Grand Final andWelcome to the Gaelic Football& Hurling Association of Australasia Gaelic Football and Hurling have been played across Australia and New Zealand for many decades by Irish immigrants, visa workers and backpackers keen to maintain a connection with the national sport of their youth. These days men, women, boys and girls from all backgrounds now [ gaa australian rules football

Sep 01, 2015 Australian Football, also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Footy, is a fast, skilful and tough game played by some of the fittest professional athletes on the planet.

How can the answer be improved? Jun 24, 2007 The Irish play peil or caid, as it is known in Gaelic (though it's also called 'gah' for GAA the Gaelic Athletics Association) with a round ball, not unlike a soccer ball.gaa australian rules football Aussie Rules List of Irish Players to watch during the 2017 AFL season. The Irish Experiment, as it has been called, has a strong connection to the Australian Rules Football League (AFL) with many players from these shores trying their hand at fulltime professionalism the other side of the world.

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Anton Tohill (Collingwood) He is the son of former Derry star Anthony Tohill who managed Ireland international rules side and played for Derry winning an AllIreland in 1993 alongside Joe Brolly. gaa australian rules football In this section you will find downloads of the GAA's Official Guides and Disciplinary Handbook in the section below. More information on the Disciplinary Process Summary is also available. For detailed information on the Playing Rules of Hurling and Football, equipment specifications and more, visit the Coaching& Games Development Jan 20, 2016 Background. In the autumn of 1967 an Australian Rules football squad visited Ireland for the first time for Gaelic football engagements. The visitors opened their campaign at Croke Park with a meeting against Meath on October 29th attracting a large attendance of 23, 149 to Headquarters. Aaron Dunne, an Irish sports writer and historian, suggests that the first codified rules of Gaelic football were extremely similar to the rewritten 1866 Australian Rules regulations.

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