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May 10, 2019  Is KY Jelly Safe? 6 Chemicals in KY and Other Lubricants You Want to Avoid. Parabens Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben) are used as synthetic preservatives; however, when used in lubricants they can be absorbed into the body. They disrupt hormones as they mimic estrogen and get concentrated in the breasts and ovaries.Incredible stock. Flexible pricing. Buy credits or subscribe today. More iStock Videos. Creative Advertising Community ky jelly ad brazil

Aug 12, 2017 One of the most outstanding things about his and hers lube is that it creates a fantastic feeling for couples when they are having intercourse. If you have ever wished for a gel that is very efficient, you need to go through this KY jelly his and hers reviews to know why it is a top selling product on Amazon. Read on.

Print Ad Library: Johnson& Johnson KY Jelly KY Jelly AdRespect Advertising Education Program advocates for advertising that respects the diversity of all, specifically gender identityexpression and sexual orientation, for a more accepting society and better business results. The only organization of its kind for any minority, CCA is a friend of business, not a pressure group, guiding The Tip: Ditch the KY Jelly. And to that I will add Vagisil, Jock Itch cream, Desitin (for diaper rash), and Monistat. Just so we make sure all teenagers, women, babies, men, and more feel included in jelly ad brazil Feb 19, 2019 Stop using KY jelly if you develop vaginal thrush (candida) after using the product. For some women, the glycerol contained in KY jelly can trigger such infections. Seek treatment for the vaginal thrush from a pharmacist or doctor and talk to them about alternative lubricants. KY Jelly is odorless, colorless, and alcoholfree.

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