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Effective from 1 August 2011, we are increasing the management cost for the UBS Australian Share Fund from 0. 80 per annum to 0. 90 per annum. As such,Morningstar provides investment research for stocks, funds, ETF's, credit, and LIC's as well as financial data, news, and investing articles and videos. ubs australian share fund mer

About UBS Australian Share Fund. UBS Australian Share Fund is a unit trust incorporated in Australia. The objective of the Fund is to provide a total return in excess of the S& PASX 300 Accumulation Index when measured over 3 year periods. The Fund invests in securities listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and may invest indirectly in listed

UBS Asset Management offers a range of managed funds in Australia that align with a diverse array of investment goals. Browse fund information and pricing across fund types such as Equities, Fixed Income and Cash funds, MultiAsset Funds, and Property and Infrastructure Funds. The Responsible Entity of Fusion Fund UBS Australian Share Fund is Macquarie Financial Products Management Limited (ABN 38 ). The Responsible Entity's registered office is NO. 1 Martin Place, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia australian share fund mer 2. How UBS Australian Share Fund works The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme structured as a unit trust. Investors are issued with units which entitle them to an interest in the Funds assets and other rights and obligations as described in the Constitution. Assets are acquired in accordance with the Funds investment strategy. You can invest in the Fund either directly or indirectly

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Jul 01, 2019  The worst performing Australian Share ETF was the K2 Australian Small Cap Fund (Hedge Fund) (KSM) down 14. 3. Largest InflowsOutflows. The Vanguard Australian Shares ETF (VAS) and Betashares Australia 200 ETF (A200) received the majority of the ubs australian share fund mer UBS Australian Share Fund. This Fund aims to provide investors with a total return (after management costs) in excess of the S& PASX 300 Accumulation Index List of Australian exchangetraded funds Jump to Managed Risk Australian Share Fund (managed fund) NA AUS 0. 49 BEAR BetaShares: Australian Equities Bear Hedge Fund UBS: UBS IQ MSCI Australia Ethical MSCI Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index AUS 0. 17 Out of the 5, 312 Australian funds researched with a 10 year track record, 76 underperform the industry standard benchmarks by an average of 1. 75, with average fees of 1. 73. Compare your fund Fund Name: UBS Australian Share Fund Responsible Entity: UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd: APIR Code: SBC0817AU: SectorAsset Class: Equity Australia Large Blend: Morningstar Rating (as at 30 Jun 2019) Legal Structure: Investment Fund: Fund Inception: 15 Jul 1992: Fund Size: 482. 18 million (as at 31 May 2019) Entry Price: 1. 8758 (as at 5 Jul 2019)

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