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Nov 10, 2001  The 2001 Federal election occurred in the centenary of Federation and was the 40th election for the House of Representatives since 1901. For the first time, the House was increased in size to 150 seats, exactly twice the number elected in 1901. The electionLeonie Short was elected to Ryan in a byelection earlier in 2001. Background and major issues. Throughout much of 2001, the Coalition had been trailing Labor in opinion polls, thanks to dissatisfaction with the government's economic reform programme and high petrol prices. australian election 2001

The election was depicted as a horse race between the Howard, who ran ahead and was therefore given more coverage than his Labor rival. [4 The electioneve Newspoll reported the LiberalNational Coalition on a 53 percent twopartypreferred vote. [5 See also. Candidates of the Australian federal election, 2001

Western Australian Election 2001 3 The Announcement of the Poll Unusually, the naming of the date for the election was itself a matter of some controversy. The fourth anniversary of Court's second term fell on 14 December 2000. However, he was not required to request an election until the expiry of the Legislative Council in May 2001. Conducted with a stratified systematic random sample of electors, this dataset consists of survey responses to the 2001 Australian Election Study. Electors surveyed were drawn from the Commonwealth Electoral Roll by the Australian Electoral Commission following the close of rolls for the 2001 election (October, 2001).australian election 2001 Western Australian state election, 2001's wiki: Elections were held in the state of Western Australia on 10 February 2001 to elect all 57 members to the Legislative Assembly and all 34 members to the Legislative Council. The twoterm Liberal National coalition government, led by Premier Richard Court, was defeated by the Labor Party, led by Opposition Leader Dr Geoff Gallop.

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Australian Federal Election 2001 by Francis Duggan. . All I see are two ageing power hungry men squabbling for the lions shareAnd who will win Howard or Beazley dont australian election 2001 Dec 14, 2015 2001 Federal Election information. Skip to content Information for people with disability Information on accessibility Australian Electoral Commission. Search the AEC website Search. AEC logo mobile version Toggle navigation. Search the AEC website Search. Enrol to vote. Sep 09, 2011  Election funding; Political party registration; Compliance reviews and investigations; Elections. Federal elections; Byelections and supplementary elections; Referendums and plebiscites; Election results: 2001present; Information for parties, candidates& scrutineers; Authorising electoral communication; Electoral backgrounders; Australian The 2001 Australian Election Study is the sixth in a series of surveys beginning in 1987 that have been timed to coincide with Australian Federal elections. The series also builds on the 1967, 1969 and 1979 Australian Political Attitudes Surveys. The 2001 Australian Federal election was held in Australia on 10 November 2001. All 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 40 seats in the 76member Senate were up for election. The incumbent Liberal Party of Australia led by Prime Minister of Australia John Howard and coalition partner the National Party of Australia led by John Anderson defeated the opposition Australian Labor Party

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