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2020-04-01 14:36

Trump claims China may be behind 2016 presidential election email hack. US President Donald Trump says China may have hacked the emails of Democratic officials to meddle with the 2016 presidential election, countering the view of intelligence officials who have said Moscow orchestrated the hacks.May 18, 2019 Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has claimed victory in the 2019 election, with results showing the Liberal National coalition will be returned to government. australian election polls update

Australia Immigration Important Updates After Elections 2019 Tue, May 28 2019 The Australian General elections were conducted on 18 th May 2019 and the results suggest that Coalition Party will hold office for the next three years.

May 17, 2019  Morrison Wins in Australian Election, Confounding Pollsters The victory for Prime Minister Scott Morrison upset analysts expectations after six tumultuous years of Jul 02, 2016 Australia Federal Election Exit Poll, Australia Exit Poll, Australia Poll tracker, Australia Election exit poll result Live, Exit Poll. In the 150seat House of Representatives, Labour currently holds 55 seats, the coalition 90 and five seats are held by minor parties or independents.australian election polls update Latest Election Polls. RaceTopic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread; 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination: ABC NewsWash Post

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