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2020-04-06 05:50

Top Australian Movies from the 1970s. The era also the cradle for many now well regarded directors such as Peter Weir, Gillian Armstrong, Phil Noyce and Bruce Beresford. It was also the beginning of the careers for many internationally famed actors such as Judy Davis, Sam Neill and Mel Gibson.Best new Australian Movies in 2018& 2017 (Netflix& Cinema List) Not that theres a lack of talent. Quite the contrary. When it comes to actors, Australia has its fair share of stars who made it in Hollywood. Mia Wasikowska (who seems to appear in almost every film nowadays), Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, Guy Pearce best australian films 70s

Dec 29, 2016  A Guide to Ten Great Australian Films Made after 1970 Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975). The Devils Playground (1976). My Brilliant Career (1979). The Year My Voice Broke (1987). Shine (1996). The Castle (1997). Lantana (2001). RabbitProof Fence (2002). Ten Canoes (2006). Animal Kingdom

This is a list of Australian films of the 1970s. For a complete alphabetical list, see Category: Australian films Jan 25, 2012  The best Australian movies, in no particular order, are. Agent Smith from The Matrix (Hugo Weaving), Mike from Neighbours (Guy Pearce) and Supermans General Zod (Terence Stamp) dress up as women and drive a bus across australian films 70s An icon of the Australian screen, Sigrid Thornton has starred in many of the films now regarded as classics of the Australian cinema. They include George Miller's box office hit The Man From Snowy River (Fox Classics), The Lighthorsemen (RKO), directed by Simon Wincer, Slate Wyn

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