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2020-04-01 19:23

In 2015, the Australian government introduced mandatory data retention laws that allows data to be retained up to two years. The scheme is estimated to cost at least AU400 million per year to implement, working out to at least 16 per user per year. It will require telecommunication providers and ISPs to retain telephony, Internet and email metadata for two years, accessible without a warrantJan 30, 2018  Data protection legislation for the protection of citizens personal data is currently implemented in Australia. The proposed Ozlog mandatory data retention policy needed the Australian Internet service providers to store the data about the web users history for 2 years. data retention australian government

The Federal government's data retention scheme has officially been in effect for a week, meaning the metadata of every Australian's mobile and online communications has started to be collected and will be stored for at least two years and put at the scrutiny of national security bodies.

Jun 15, 2017  In April, the governments data retention law came into effect. The law requires telecommunications companies to store customer metadata for at least two years. Metadata from our phone calls, text messages, emails, and internet activity is now tracked by the government and accessible by intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Jul 31, 2017 The data retention law is a distortion of the logic embedded in this statement because it indiscriminately targets all Australians. We must not allow the pernicious intent of a handful of terrorists to be used as an excuse to harm the rights of all Australians and change the fabric of our retention australian government Sep 14, 2018 In Australia, there is no mandatory data retention law. The Australian Parliament despite the opposition by various journalists, activist, the general public and public figures passed amendments in 2015. The amendments was passed to the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979.

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