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How can the answer be improved?Framework AQF Level Description summaries Qualifications Time Level 10 Graduates at this level will have systematic and critical understanding of a complex field of learning and specialised research skills for the advancement of learning andor for professional practice. Doctoral degree; 3 to 4 years; Level 9 australian qualifications framework level 9 masters degree

Australian Qualifications Framework. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) regulates all Australian qualifications and officially defines the level of education that each qualification title represents. Each qualification generally leads into the next qualification (see below) in the education framework. Level 9: Masters degree

There are 14 AQF qualification types across all education and training sectors and each, with the exception of the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, is located at one of the 10 levels. Griffith University is a registered Higher Education provider and able to offer AQF qualification Level 510 as well as nonaward programs of study. AQF levels and the AQF levels criteria are an indication of the relative complexity andor depth of achievement and the autonomy required to demonstrate that achievement. AQF level 1 has the lowest complexity and AQF level 10 has the highest complexity. The AQF level summaries are statements of the typical achievement of graduates who have been awarded a qualification at aaustralian qualifications framework level 9 masters degree The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) describes each category of AQF qualifications: Senior Secondary Certificate of Education; Level 1 Certificate I; Level 2 Certificate II; Level 3 Certificate III; Level 4 Certificate IV; Level 5 Diploma; Level 6 Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree; Level 7 Bachelor Degree

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Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level: Honours degrees are classified as level 8 courses. Postgraduate Our postgraduate courses are a great option if you have completed a bachelor degree or in some cases have relevant professional experience and are looking to complete further study to advance your skills and knowledge. australian qualifications framework level 9 masters degree Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 9 (Masters b'Course Work) Some masters programs build on Graduate Diploma programs, others may have the Graduate Diploma as on optional exit point. The programs in blue text are accredited by the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board. These qualifications meet the knowledge requirements for OHS professional certification The Australian Government designed the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to ensure that qualification titles across the country are consistent and represent the same high standards of education. The AQF regulates all Australian qualifications and provides clear rules about the level of education each qualification title represents. Masters degree. A Master's degree usually requires two years of fulltime study to complete. A completed bachelor's degree, sometimes with honours, is a prerequisite for admission. The pattern of study generally takes one of the following three forms: Coursework comprising postgraduate level rigorous academic coursework and project work. In some fields also consists of a research component

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