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Aug 04, 2014 Marriage in Japan is not officially conducted at the ceremony like it is here in Australia. The official 'marriage' will occur in a Government office, devoid of any fancy dresses and romance. The ceremony itself is purely for show and is not required, or a part of, the legally binding 'marriageMay 25, 2015 Marriage paperwork in Japan. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has only been able to tell us that we are required to complete a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage while in Japan and then informed us to contact either the Japanese embassy here in Australia orand the Australian embassy in Japan. Both of which have been unhelpful. marriage in japan australian embassy

Marriage in Japan. You will need to bring your U. S. passport and the 50 notarial fee. Once this is signed and sealed at the Embassy or one of our Consulates, this Affidavit is valid for three months. Member of the Armed Forces should contact their onbase legal office

Dec 21, 2017  A Foreigners Guide to Marriage in Japan So, youve met the man or woman of your dreams and the two finally decided to make it official. Heres a quick howto for the paperwork and procedures needed to ensure love will indeed prevail in Japan. Jun 28, 2016 Getting Married in Japan for Australian Passport Holders. The Australian Embassy and Consulate Information can be obtained by contacting the Australian Embassy through their website and making an appointment to create the Certificate of No Impediment with them. The Certificate of No Impediment must then be translated into Japanese.marriage in japan australian embassy Getting married in Japan. Before a foreign national may marry, Japanese authorities require a certificate issued by the Australian Government stating that those authorities do not know of any impediment to the marriage. This certificate is known as a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI). Refer to

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