Australian news anchor drunk

2020-03-28 18:05

Aug 01, 2013  Kerryn Johnston, a news anchor for WIN News Canberra in Australia, thought she was doing a rehearsal on Wednesday night when she told viewers, Good evening.Australian news anchor Kerryn Johnston of WIN News made the hilarious remark Wednesday during a newscast rehearsal that was accide Good evening, tonight Im australian news anchor drunk

Apr 11, 2017 News anchor Natasha Exelby was caught off guard while doing a live news report in Australia. When the news segment ended she was caught spacing out while staring at a pen. She recovered and

The veteran ABC News network anchor sat down with Diane Sawyer for a special edition of ABC News 2020 to talk for the first time about her long struggle with alcoholism and anxiety, and her This charming brunette lady works for a morning chat show and every day she wears a dress or skirt and always she gives an upskirt view when she crosses her legs. Come for the compilation.australian news anchor drunk

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