How many australian vietnam veterans are still alive

2020-02-28 16:04

Mar 24, 2016  It is estimated that only one third of all military personnel who served in the Vietnam Conflict (less than 700, 000) are alive today and of those, the number of Vietnam veterans currently living is rapidly diminishing; the youngest American Vietnam veterans age to be about 56 years old now;According to Wikipedia, as of 2017 there were about 558, 000 U. S. veterans still alive, so 2 million worldwide is a reasonable estimate. The youngest of them would be 89 how many australian vietnam veterans are still alive

Agent Orange catching up to Vietnam veterans decades later. By: and like many Vietnam veterans, they re blaming the herbicides they say still coated the planes for decades. but you still

How many Australian world war 2 veterans are living? 3. 2 million veterans of the Korean War are still alive in the U. S. In Canada 200, 000 veterans are alive today, more than three hundred pass Liz can you or someone at DVA reconcile the number of surviving Vietnam Veterans shown in Table 10 Disability Pensioners by Rate and Conflict March 2011 (attached) figure shown is with the Vietnam veterans shown on Page 311 ofhow many australian vietnam veterans are still alive Full Answer. A 2013 New York Times article indicated that 75 percent of the 9. 2 million Vietnam War era veterans were still alive, a figure consistent with estimates from the U. S. Census bureau. However, the number of living veterans who saw combat action in Vietnam is considerably smaller than 7 million, as only 2. 7 million

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Mar 26, 2013  It was apparently based on an estimate that 800, 000 Vietnamera veterans had died by 2000. That number was reasonable: About 9. 2 million Americans served in the military during the Vietnam era ( ), so that would mean about 8 percent of how many australian vietnam veterans are still alive Gulf War veterans that are still alive today is right at nine hundred and thirtyfour thousand. This includes both men and women that served in the military during this war. Nov 25, 2017  Broken: Vietnam vets' long struggle with PTSD. At that time in Australia, the Vietnam veterans' experience was still extremely negative, similar to what happened in The Veteran Population Projection Model 2016 (VetPop2016) provides the latest official Veteran population projection from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VetPop2016 is a deterministic actuarial projection model developed by the office of Predictive Analytics and Actuary (PAA) to estimate and project the Veteran Population from Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 to FY2045. However, veterans groups estimate that today approximately 9 to 12 million Americans fraudulently claim they served in Vietnam. After extensive research of various mortality indexes and sources The American War Library estimates that approximately onethird of those who did serve in Vietnam (approximately 850, 000) are alive today [18 Aug 2007.

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