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2020-02-23 20:31

This hot tub has a computerized control panel, dual massage therapy seats, a titanium heater, 36 spa pumps and up to 91 hydrotherapy jets in an 85 square shell. The Park Avenue is Thermo Spas best selling hot tub, with room for 5. It has a doublewide lounge, therapy seats, hydrotherapy jets and up to 6 spa pumps in a 95 x 80 x 38Park Avenue Summary. The Park Avenue is often called the perfect fullsize hot tub. It has a doublewide, reversible lounge with large, soft, textured pillows on both ends which allow bathers to lie side by side or stretch out face to face. thermospas park avenue

How Much Does ThermoSpa Cost. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. ThermoSpa Hot Tubs are indeed a musthave luxury item for anyone willing to shell out dollars in the name of relaxation. Park Avenue 5 seater. The most popular type, it features a doublewide wave lounge. 4.

WEST LINN, OREGON ThermoSpas has been good. Although it's expensive, we like the quality of construction and the features that the Park Avenue model has. It is the right size of what we were looking for. It also has a neck massager and a seat with a lot of jets on it. We haven't even used it yet though. Thermo Spas Manuals, Thermo Spa Manual, Download SPa Manualthermospas park avenue

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