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2020-04-01 15:42

The Royal Australian Mint is celebrating 90 years of Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions The Ghan, with a new coloured 50 cent coin depicting the iconic Australian train and the launch of a competition to win 2 tickets for the transcontinental journey.Feb 16, 2019 Minecart. On the Desktop version and Console version, the Minecart is a Craftable item which can be equipped in the Minecart equipment slot and dyed (the default Wooden Minecart can be dyed as well, without an item in the slot). It is the second tier Minecart, being worse than the Mechanical Cart, but better than the default Wooden Minecart. australian minecart

There are a lot of Minecraft video stars but only Dan from The Diamond Minecart is politely spoken, hilarious and G rated as sixteen millions subscribers can attest. If YouTube stars are the new rock stars Dan TDM on tour in Australia is equivalent to the Beatles hitting our shores.

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