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El Alamein, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt. The Australian 9th Division War Memorial in Egypt commemorates those Australian troops who died between July and November 1942 during the World War II North Africa Campaign, particularly the Battle of El Alamein. Around 6, 000 members of the Australian 9th Division became casualties in these battles.This battle honour was awarded for participation in the final Alamein offensive, where British and Commonwealth forces broke through the German and Italian line, forcing them to withdrawal. Alamein was a major victory for the Allies in North Africa and is widely considered as one of the turning points in the war. el alamein australian war memorial

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The El Alamein Commonwealth Cemetery is the burial place of 7, 240 Commonwealth soldiers who died in the course of the Western Desert campaign in Egypt and Libya during World War II, particularly those who were killed in the Battle of El Alamein in 1942. Places of Pride, the National Register of War Memorials, is a new initiative designed to record the locations and photographs of every publicly accessible memorial across Australia. Find out moreel alamein australian war memorial The El Alamein Memorial Fountain is of State significance as a war memorial to the Australian soldiers of the 9th Division who fought near the Egyptian town of El Alamein in two battles which helped turn the course of World War II towards victory for the Allies.

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The cemetery now contains 7, 240 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, of which 815 are unidentified. There are also 102 war graves of other nationalities. The ALAMEIN CREMATION MEMORIAL, which stands in the southeastern part of El Alamein War Cemetery, commemorates more than 600 men whose remains were cremated in Egypt and Libya during the war, in accordance with el alamein australian war memorial El Alamein battles Three major battles occurred around El Alamein between July and November 1942, and were the turning point of the war in North Africa. The Australian 9th Division, led by Lieutenant General Leslie Morshead, played a key role in two of these battles, enhancing its reputation earned defending Tobruk during 1941.

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